Hydra FAQ

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About Hydra Chain

What is HYDRA?

Who created Hydra Chain?

Where’s the roadmap?

What’s the latest development update?

What’s the circulating supply?

What’s the max supply?

What projects are migrating to Hydra Chain?

Will HYDRA be listed on new exchanges?

How much LOC and HYDRA have been burnt?

What’s the Hydra website?

What’s the LockTrip (LOC) Telegram group?

What will happen to the HYDRA price once the airdrop ends / APY decreases?

Staking / Wallet

How do I stake?

How do I setup the staking wallet on a Raspberry Pi?

When will I get a staking reward?

When will I get a staking reward? (Rough estimate)

What will my reward be for XX amount of HYDRA?

How long until my HYDRA mature?

Will we always get 180% APY?

Will Kucoin (pool-x) raise or lower the APY?

When will staking end?

I didn’t get my staking payout from Kucoin (pool-x)

What wallet can I store HYDRA in?

Does my wallet need to be connected all the time for staking?

What’s the difference between Kucoin staking and private staking?

Can I import my webwallet into the staking wallet?

I can’t see the LOC token in my wallet

How do I split/combine UTXO for staking efficiency?

Can you explain the calculation of APY and estimated time?


How do I get the airdrop?

How much is the airdrop?

I didn’t get my airdrop

When/how will my KYC be confirmed?

Can I get the airdrop on Kucoin?

When is the weekly snapshot and airdrop?

LOC token swap

How do I swap my LOC?

When will my swap be processed?

I get an error when trying to send LOC from my wallet or an exchange

Is there a deadline to swap LOC?

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